Current report no 15 / 2012

Current report no 15 / 2012 - 28 March 2012 / 00:00

Recommendation of dividend payment for 2011 – change of date

With reference to the current report No. 14/2012 of 20 March 2012 regarding the recommendation made to the Annual General Meeting in 2012 to take the decision concerning the dividend payment, following the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Company, the Management Board of Budimex SA suggests to recommend to the General Meeting new dividend days and deadlines for payment of dividend. Dividend day, i.e. the day of establishing the list of shareholders entitled to dividend for 2011, is suggested to be set for 11 June 2012. Deadline for payment of dividend is proposed to be set for 25 June 2012. Relevant deadlines will be announced on the date of convening the 2012 Annual General Meeting of Budimex SA.
Other information included in current report No. 14/2012 of 20 March 2012 shall remain unchanged.