Current report no 27 / 2022

Current report no 27 / 2022 - 9 May 2022 / 15:22

Candidates for the Supervisory Board

The Management Board of Budimex S.A. informs that due to the end of the current term of office of the Budimex Supervisory Board the majority shareholder proposed the following candidates for the next term of office:

1. Mr Mario Menendez (CV attached)

2. Mr Marek Michałowski

3. Mr Juan Ignacio Gaston Najarro

4. Mr Igor Chalupec

5. Mr Dariusz Blocher

6. Ms Danuta Dąbrowska

7. Mr Janusz Dedo

8. Mr Mario Mostoles Nieto

9. Mr Ignacio Aitor Garcia Bilbao

(first person is new candidate to the Supervisory Board, other persons are the existing members of the Supervisory Board, their CVs are available on the Company’s website).

Statements of independence were submitted by Ms Danuta Dąbrowska and Mr Janusz Dedo. The submitted declarations are attached.

All candidates agreed to be a candidate and stated that they do not conduct any business activity outside Budimex S.A. which would be competitive in relation to the activities performed in Budimex S.A., they do not own interest in a competitive company as a partner of a civil partnership, a partnership, a capital company and do not own interest in a competitive legal person as a members of its body, they are not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors kept under the law on the National Court Register.