Current report no 37/2023

Current report no 37/2023 - 7 June 2023 / 17:00

‎“Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Warta and Cybina rivers between ‎Berdychów, Ostrów Tumski and Chwaliszewo” – ‎signing of the contract

The Management Board of Budimex S.A. announces that he contract has been signed between the City of Poznań, represented by Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie Spółka z o.o. and Budimex S.A. on the execution of the procurement titled: “Execution of construction works and development of detailed designs for the Investment Task titled: “Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Warta and Cybina rivers between Berdychów, Ostrów Tumski and Chwaliszewo”.

The information that our bid was selected as the most advantageous one was published on 17 January 2023 in the current report no. 4/2023.

The total value of orders with the same Ordering Party in the last 12 months (including the contract referred to above) amounted to PLN 178,305,928.86 net.

The highest-valued order is the aforementioned contract.

Contract value: PLN 126,946,551.14 net

Contract commencement date: date of the contract conclusion by both parties

Date of completion of the subject-matter of the contract:  23 months from the date of the contract conclusion

Guarantee period for the main works:  10 years

Warranty period: 10 years

Advance payment: none

Payment conditions: within 30 days of the date of delivery of VAT invoices to the Ordering Party

Bank performance bond: 5% of the Accepted Gross Contract Amount

Maximum amount of contractual penalty paid by the Contractor: 25% of gross contract value.

The Contractor shall pay a contractual penalty of 20% of the gross contractual remuneration for withdrawal from the contract by the Contractor or for withdrawal from the same by the Ordering Party due to the Contractor’s fault.

The Ordering Party may require the Contractor to pay compensation exceeding the amount of the stipulated contractual penalties.

The Ordering Party reserves the right to claim contractual penalties also after completion of the subject-matter of the contract or withdrawal from the contract.

Other terms and conditions of the contract do not differ from the market standards.

Total value of contracts signed between Budimex and its subsidiaries and the Ordering Party, including the contract value, exceeds the threshold of PLN 172,381 thousand net.