Current report no 54 / 2013

Current report no 54 / 2013 - 23 August 2013 / 00:00

Expansion of the Manufacturing and Logistics Centre LEK SA in Stryków - annex to a contract of Budimex SA

The Management Board of Budimex SA reports that on 23 August 2013, an annex with a net value of PLN 56,830,000.00 to the contract of 03 June 2013, the net value of which amounts to PLN 31,645,000.00, was signed with LEK SA with its registered office in Stryków, regarding the development of working designs and performance of electric wiring, plumbing and technological systems as well as execution of clean rooms in buildings E, PA, L, SA constructed as part of the 1st stage of the investment entitled Extension of the Manufacturing and Logistics Centre LEK S.A. in Stryków – Construction of Packing Centre LEK S.A. in Stryków.

  • Value of the contract along with the annex: PLN 88,475,000.00 net.
  • Works commencement date: 22.04.2013.
  • Works completion date: 05.09.2014.
  • Guarantee period: 121 months.
  • Financial conditions:
    • Payment: 45 days from the delivery of invoice to the Contracting Authority.
    • Bank performance bond: 10% of the contract net value.
  • Maximum amount of penalties: 10% of the contract net value.
  • The Parties are entitled to claim damages on general conditions, where the amount of damages exceeds the stipulated contractual penalty.

The value of the contract following the conclusion of the annex exceeds 10% of the equity of Budimex SA.