Current report no 68 / 2012

Current report no 68 / 2012 - 18 October 2012 / 00:00

Sheeting of Płonie Canal banks - information about the selection of the offer of Budimex SA

The management board of Budimex S.A. announces that on 18 October 2012, it received a letter from the Maritime Office in Gdynia concerning the selection of the offer of the consortium: Budimex S.A. (leader) and Ferrovial Agroman S.A. (partner) in a procedure for awarding a public procurement contract in the form of an open tender for “Sheeting of Płonie Canal banks at Martwa Wisła in Gdańsk” under the project “Modernisation of the entry to the internal port (in Gdańsk)”. Stage II – Reconstruction of the waterway on Martwa Wisła and Motława”.

  • Value of the contract: PLN 38,115,462.55 net
  • Commencement date: no later than 28 days from the date of concluding the contract
  • Deadline: 24 months from the date of concluding the contract
  • Guarantee period: 36 months
  • Financial terms and conditions:
    • Advance payment: 20% of the gross contract value
    • Payment: 30 days from the delivery of the invoice to the Contracting Authority
    • Performance bond: 10% of the gross contract value
  • Maximum contractual penalties payable by the Contractor: 20% of the net contract value
  • The Ordering Authority has the right to claim supplemental compensation on general terms resulting from the Civil Code, on condition that the claim is limited to actual damage and is not higher than the limit for the payment of the work finishing cost, whereas the total cost of work finishing, supplemental compensation and contractual penalties cannot be higher than the limit mentioned above

The value of the contract exceeds 10% of the equity of Budimex SA.