Current report no 70 / 2011

Current report no 70 / 2011 - 29 July 2011 / 00:00

Construction of an office building complex Libra Business Centre – annex to the conditional contract

With regard to Current Reports No. 26/2010 of 25 March, No. 59/2010 of 23 July 2010, No. 42/2011 of 20 May 2011, and No. 59/2011 of 4 July 2011, the Management Board of Budimex S.A. reports that on 29 July 2011 an annex to the contract with Palatium Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, on the construction of the Libra Business Centre STAGE II, was signed.

Pursuant to the annex, the parties determined that by 23 September 2011 they will agree on a new deadline for the contract to enter into force and on other terms and conditions resulting from the change of the deadline due to the condition consisting in the investor submitting a bank representation confirming the fact of the investor having security of financing not being fulfilled in the intended deadline. Thus, the agreement will not enter into force before 23 September 2011.

In other regards, the wording of the contract remains unchanged.