Current report no 73 / 2012

Current report no 73 / 2012 - 22 November 2012 / 00:00

Notification of exceeding 10% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of Budimex SA by OFE PZU Złota Jesień (PZU Złota Jesień open pension fund)

The Management Board of Budimex SA announces that on 22 November 2012 it received a notification from Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne PZU SA in which PTE PZU SA, on behalf of Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny PZU Złota Jesień (OFE), announced that, as a result of the purchase of Budimex SA shares at the WSE on 7 November 2012, the number of shares held by OFE exceeded the 10% threshold of votes at Budimex SA’s General Meeting. Before the change in the shares, OFE held 2,551,346 shares, accounting for a 9.99% share in Budimex SA’s share capital and representing 2,551,346 votes and a 9.99% share in the total number of votes. Following the changes in the shares, OFE PZU Złota Jesień now holds 2,561,102 shares, which accounts for 10.03% of the share capital in Budimex SA and translates into 2,561,102 votes held and a 10.03% share in the total number of votes. Within the next 12 months, OFE may, depending on the market situation, information published by the company and the requirements of OFE’s investment portfolio, purchase or sell its shares in Budimex SA.