Current report no 76 / 2011

Current report no 76 / 2011 - 1 September 2011 / 00:00

Office complex building in Warsaw – a new contract of Budimex SA

The board of Budimex SA informs that on the 1st September, 2011, together with the company Warszawa Przyokopowa Sp. z o.o. in Wroclaw, they signed an agreement to build an office complex with facilities in Warsaw at ul. Przyokopowa 85A.

  • ontract value: 170 000 000,00 PLN net
  • Starting dates of works: the day after the transfer of the construction site and of the documentation enabling to start works by the customer
  • Deadline for the completion of works along with the reception of the permission to use: 24 months after the transfer of the construction site by the customer
  • Guarantee periods: 60 months for assembling and construction works; 12 months for finishing works, 36 months for facilities and equipment, 10 years for steel and reinforced concrete structures and robustness of the roof
  • Financial conditions:
    • Payment: 30 days from the submission of the invoice to the customer
    • Good performance guarantee bond: 10% of the contracts gross value
  • Maximum value of penalties: 10% of the contract net value
  • Each party shall have the right to seek damages in excess of the stipulated penalty amount

The value of the contract is 10% higher than the equity of Budimex SA.