Management - Cezary Łysenko

Cezary Łysenko

Member of the Management Board

Cezary Łysenko obtained his master’s degree in civil engineering in 1996 at the Bialystok University of Technology. After graduation, he started working for a Łomża-based construction company. His practice includes almost two years of work at the Provincial Office and the City Office, where he was responsible for traffic engineering and road management. In 1999, he joined the team of consultants supervising the implementation of contracts on national and provincial roads. He obtained an unrestricted construction licence in 2002, which, after the position of billing inspector, enabled him to perform the duties of construction works supervisor. He has been employed at Budimex S.A. as manager of the technical department since the beginning of 2006, on the contract for the construction of access roads to the bridge in Płock, where, after a few months, he took over as contract manager. In 2012, he was appointed district director responsible for business in the Podlaskie and Lubelskie provinces. In 2019, he took on the role of Northern Branch Director, and nearly a year later took over responsibility for all infrastructure construction at Budimex S.A. in the Polish and foreign markets. In the course of his career, he completed several programmes in management obtaining diplomas and certificates from renowned institutes and universities, including the Diplomas of Completion: Management Program 2009 at ICAN Institute/Harvard Business Publisher in Warsaw, International Management Development Program 2013 and Leader Ship Program 2016 at Universitas Summa in Madrid. In 2021, he completed the prestigious Advanced Management Program at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

According to the submitted statement, Cezary Łysenko does not conduct any business activity competitive to the business of Budimex S.A., he does not own interest in a competitive company as a partner in a civil partnership, a partnership or a capital company, he does not own interest in a competitive legal person as a member of its bodies, and he is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors, kept under the provisions of the Act on the National Court Register.