Current report no 18 / 2011

Current report no 18 / 2011 - 21 March 2011 / 00:00

Recommendation of 2010 dividend payout

The Board of Directors of Budimex SA represents that on 21 March 2010 they decided to recommend that the 2011 Annual General Meeting undertake the decision to pay the dividend of PLN 9.08 (in words: nine PLN 8/100) per single share.
It is suggested that the net profit from the period of January 2010 to 31 December 2010 amounting to PLN 226 283 000.00 (in words: two hundred and twenty-six million two hundred and eighty-three thousand PLN) increased by the supplementary capital in its ratio established from profits from previous fiscal years in the sum of PLN 5 530 289.84 (in words: five million five hundred and thirty thousand two hundred and eighty-nine PLN 84/100).
The aggregate amount suggested for payout is PLN 231 813 289.84 (in words: two hundred and thirty-one million eight hundred and thirteen thousand two hundred and eighty-nine PLN 84/100).
The dividend payout day, i.e. the day the list of shareholders entitled for dividend payout for the year 2010 has been arranged and the deadline of dividend payout shall be decided upon at a later time.