Current report no 2/2024

Current report no 2/2024 - 11 January 2024 / 13:06

Estimation of the consolidated net profit of the Budimex Group for Q4 2023‎

The Management Board of Budimex SA informs that the consolidated net financial result of the Budimex ‎Group for Q4 2023 was PLN 287 million, which represents an increase of PLN 107 million (59%) ‎compared to the respective period of the previous year.‎

The increase in net consolidated profit results from higher sales revenues and improved operating ‎profitability of the construction segment.‎

The estimated consolidated revenue for the Q4 2023 amounted to PLN 2.8 billion and the operating ‎profit amounted to PLN 295 million. The estimated contract value of the contracts signed by the ‎Budimex Group in Q4 amounted to PLN 3.8 billion. The Group’s net cash position at the end of the year ‎amounted to PLN 3.8 billion and the order book under implementation amounted to PLN 13.1 billion.‎

Publishing the abovementioned information about a change in consolidated profit is the result of a ‎significant change in the level of the net financial result within the period.‎