Current report no 31 / 2010

Current report no 31 / 2010 - 15 April 2010 / 00:00

Information about the selection of the offer by Budimex S.A. – Stryków junction

The Management Board of Budimex S.A. hereby reports that on 15th April 2010 it received information from the Łódź-based division of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways about the selection of the Budimex S.A. offer as the most favourable offer in the proceedings concerning the public procurement procedure carried out by a limited tender procedure: “Construction of A1 motorway in the section from kujawsko-pomorskie/łódzkie voivodship border to Stryków junction – Task II – Section 4 junction “Stryków I” from km 291+000 to km 259+850″

  • Net contract value: PLN 252,101,536.72
  • Commencement date: after concluding the contract
  • Deadline: 30th November 2011
  • Warranty: 60 months for the total Procurement.
  • Financial conditions:
    • Payment – 49 days after the Contracting Authority has received a VAT invoice
    • Bank guarantee of successful execution – 5% of the contract value
  • Contractual penalties paid by the Contractor:
    • A. For exceeding the deadline for the Completion of Works – 0.02% of the Contractual Amount per each day of delay
    • B. For withdrawal from the Contract for reasons attributable to the Contractor – 10% of the Contractual Amount
    • C. For failure to perform the Required Minimum Performance within the agreed deadline – 0.02% of the Contractual Amount per each day of delay
  • The Contracting Authority reserves the right to supplementary compensation which adapts the amount of contractual penalties to the amount of damage actually suffered

The contract value exceeds 10% of the equity of Budimex S.A.